After graduating college in 2010, Michael Kvamme (co-founder/writer at, Jordan Dunn (co-founder of UCLA Comedy Group The Wait List), Steven Wilson (owner of Invasion Creations), and Mark Lester (former Middle School Lunch Supervisor) teamed up to start their first business: a Food Truck specializing in Asian-Italian Fusion called "You WOKin' to Me?"

However in 2011, the Food Truck caught fire and exploded, and unfortunately, Jordan lost his thumb. Left with 39 fingers and nothing but the clothes on their backs, the group decided to go into a much more stable line of work…the Entertainment Industry.

After a relentless number of hours dicking around, Beautimus has developed a distinct ability to touch people exactly where they want to be touched. When asked to sum up their company, Beautimus responded with the simple sentiment, "Two writers. Two directors. Four Best Friends."

Presently, the boys plan to continue their prolific success in the world of entertainment with the hopes of one day rekindling their culinary passion by opening their Star Wars Themed Middle-Eastern Food Truck, "Luke, I Am Your Falafel."