Tyler Spindel

After graduating from Harvard University with a 170,000 dollar degree in History, Tyler moved to Los Angeles to pursue stand up comedy. His parents were elated… He then toured the country, nailing a weekly gig at the Hollywood Laugh Factory.

One night at the club, while Tyler was enjoying one of those drinks with a little umbrella in it and watching some of his friends preform, God spoke to him...“The jokes you write for your friends are funnier than when you perform them yourself. And if you continue to drink those drinks, I will never speak to you again.” After a slightly awkward pause, Tyler ordered a beer and decided to change his life.

Since that faithful day at the Laugh Factory, Tyler has drank only Pabst Blue Ribbon and directed numerous TV Shows, spending the last year and a half as the resident director of Chelsea Lately, directing the sketches on over 300 episodes. His short film, which he wrote, directed, and produced, won 6 film festivals and 8 awards. In between his own TV and Film work, Tyler has been directing commercials/branded content films and 2nd unit on Adam Sandler’s last four films.

Tyler knew that he would never amount to anything unless he had worked on a horror film at some point in his career. So, he jumped at the opportunity to punch up the writing and produce the Starz horror film “The Shortcut.” After the film was in the can, God sighed, happy that this was over, and sent him back to comedy.

Tyler recently directed spots for Stiolto, Fred Water, Macy's, Del Taco, and Nike. He also directed viral a "Happy Gilmore" reunion sketch featuring Adam Sandler and Bob Barker for Night of too Many Stars. Currently, Tyler is attached to direct the Paramount feature "Dunderheads" with producer Ivan Reitman and the independent comedy "Deported," which he also co-wrote, with producer Adam Sandler.